A holiday classic: Tim Drake versus the Joker!

Ah, the New Year! New beginnings, new opportunities... and for me, a chance to (finally) kick off a series of reviews centering around my favorite comics character and my favorite comics creator!

The story we'll be looking at today is one that pits Tim Drake, AKA Robin III, against a certain green-haired Clown Prince of Crime. Said story also happens to take place around the holiday season - complete with oodles of that good old Gotham snowfall - and has Batman be mysteriously absent so that Tim can face down the big bad Joker all by himself. I think you all know where this is going...

Yes, folks... it's time to dig into 1991's Robin II: The Joker's Wild!

Tim and the Joker.
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So... I just discovered...

... that I have an "Inbox" on my tumblr. Inside which sits all the answers to questions I've asked to various people that I'd assumed had been ignored.

Please forgive me, everyone, and thank you for your patience.

(I'd have posted this on tumblr, but I haven't exactly mastered the art of posting on that site yet. One day...)

Who's That Jokermon?

Welp, as first LJ posts go, I could have gone better... or a whole lot worse...

Anyhoo, as a longtime fan of the Clown Prince of Crime, below is a little something I originally whipped up for about_faces. Lately, however, our dear thespian seems to barely have the time and energy to compose his own posts, let alone guest ones. This post is thus dedicated to him, and Joker fans around the 'net. Yes, even the ones who like the Young Justice version. :P

Get well soon, John.

Beneath the cut lies a collection of every incarnations of the Harlequin of Hate - that I could think of - to have ever been featured in movies or on television. Regular iterations, wannabe successors, alternate-universe... everything goes. The four corners, of course, are taken up by a very special guest to whom Mistah J could be said to owe his entire existence to.

(The video game ones are excluded, as I personally do not see much accomplishment in collecting decent screenshots of them. Full-body images of all of them, from Dark Tomorrow to the Arkham games, can be found on Google with virtually no effort. Maybe someday, I'll create a separate collage just for them. But not today.)

Can you name 'em all?

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